About theatrе

      On December 31, 1986, a puppet theater was opened in the city of Kostanay with the performance of М. Sadovsky «Mashenka».  This performance became a starting point in the history of our theatre.  In 1999, the Kostanay Regional Puppet Theater was merged with the Kostanay Regional Russian Drama Theater named after M. Gorky. This unique union in Kazakhstan of two completely different in genre and specifics creative teams received the status of the Kostanay Regional Drama and Puppet Theater.
      On February 27, 2012, Decree No. 112 of the Akimat of the Kostanay region «On the reorganization of the state utility state-owned enterprise «Kostanay Regional Russian Drama and Puppet Theater» was adopted and the MSTE «Regional Puppet Theater» was created. In the same year, on May 28, by Decree No. 255 of the Akimat of the Kostanay region «On the transfer of regional communal property», it was decided to transfer from the balance of the «Kostanay Regional Palace of Culture» to the balance of the «Regional Puppet Theater» a three-story building on Perronnaya Street, 20.
     The puppet theater got its own building with an auditorium for 126 seats, with art, design, costume workshops, a rehearsal room and two dressing rooms. The puppet troupe opened its 27th theatrical season in its own building in the status of a regional puppet theater.
The creative component of the performances remains unchanged, they are based on the works of Russian, Kazakh and the best foreign dramaturgy. Children's performances «Po shchuchyemu veleniyu» (V. Shutyaev), «Teremok» (S. Marshak), «Tri porosenka» (S. Mikhalkov), «Belaya doch stepey» (G. Kulunchakova), «Priklyucheniya medvezhonka Rim-tim-ti» (Y. Vilkovsky), «Yastrebok» (I. and Ya. Zlatopolsky), «Pesnyu poy, moya dombra!» (A. Karasai) and others have long been loved by the children and continue to delight them.
    Theater actors work with different types of puppets - cane, tablet, glove, life-size, which makes the performances diverse, unusual in a new way and invariably interesting for small and large spectators. Each season the theater repertoire is replenished with new productions.
Over the years, the theater has won a number of prestigious awards and diplomas from Kazakhstan and Russia.
      In 2013, the puppets in the theater spoke the Kazakh language for the first time in the play «Nuzhno byt nuzhnym» (D. Kusainov, Kh. Bulibekov). In 2019, the play «Ku-ka-re-ku» based on the play by G. Landau in the Kazakh language was staged, with the participation of actors from the Regional Kazakh Drama Theater named after I. Omarov.
In 2020, a performance for children of senior school age and adults «Starik i more» based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway was staged. Director D. Zhumabayeva and production designer Y. Chernova from Almaty were invited to stage the play. In 2021 - 2022 The theater repertoire was replenished with two more unusual performances for adults: the play «Pikovaya dama» based on the novel by A.S. Pushkin (directed by A. Zaitsev) and the play «Predlozheniye» based on the play by A.P. Chekhov (director Y. Semenova).
     During its short history, the puppet theater has made significant progress in promoting and developing theatrical art in the region. Several generations of spectators grew up watching puppet theater performances. The theater team keeps up with the times, constantly working to improve their skills, using a variety of forms and methods of work, improving them and introducing new worldview and needs of the modern audience.