"My friend is the wind"

Author: N. Nasyrova

A fairy tale about a little mischievous Wind, who wants to be friends and benefit others. But in his desire to help, acting carelessly, he offends everyone and causes nothing but trouble. After all, you also need to be able to make friends, and it is very important to treat your loved ones with care.

Performance for children of preschool and primary school age (3+).
The duration of the performance is 35 minutes, without intermission.

Nevozmozhnoye vozmozhno

Author: Y. Semenova

Performance “The Impossible is Possible”
Performance “The Impossible is Possible” is an amazing fairy-tale story in which Santa Claus will have incredible adventures, unexpected surprises and encounters with a wide variety of earthly, celestial and underwater inhabitants.
There will be a lot of music, interesting fairy-tale characters and real New Year's miracles. After all, in a New Year's fairy tale, the impossible is always possible.

Performance for children of preschool and primary school age (3+)
The duration of the performance is 35 minutes, there is no intermission.


Alen'kiy tsvetochek

Author: S. Aksakov 

"Scarlet Flower" - an amazing story about good and evil, about the fact that love and mercy can work miracles and defeat any misfortune, even the most terrible witchcraft. 
A young girl for the sake of saving her father from perdition, goes on a dangerous journey. She does not know what awaits her in the unknown kingdom of the Beast. And only thanks to her open heart and immense kindness she overcomes all difficulties and finds her happiness. Colorful scenery, interesting puppets, wonderful musical accompaniment perfectly create the atmosphere of the fairy tale, and will appeal to both children and adults.

The play is for children of primary and secondary school age (6+).
The duration of the performance is 55 minutes, with intermission.


Author: A. Chekhov

The play "Predlozheniye" is a romcom in one act.
A neighbor, landlord Ivan Lomov, comes to landlord Stepan Chubukov with a proposal of marriage for his daughter Natalia. And now comes the most interesting part: the course of events takes a completely different direction, a simple talk between the young people develops into a heated property dispute. No one wants to compromise. How will it all end? You'll find out by watching this comedy. Unexpected funny plot twists, subtle humor are sure to cheer you up. A classic story that never gets old.

A play for children of high school age and adults (14+)
The play lasts 50 minutes and runs without intermission.


Author: N. Gernet

"The Goose" is an interactive performance for children. A fascinating plot, bright, expressive puppets and lively interaction with the actors will not let you. You will become active participants in the performance, helping Alyonka and the hedgehog to save the restless and playful Timosha the goose from the cunning fox. This hilarious story teaches children to help each other and not be afraid of difficulties. With the help of wit, solidarity and friendship, misfortune can be avoided.

Interactive performance for children of preschool and primary school age (3+)
The performance lasts 45 minutes, with no intermission.


Pikovaya dama

Author: A. Pushkin

The play "Pikovaya dama" is based on the novella by Alexander Pushkin, one of the most enigmatic stories of the author. The plot of this work is known to everyone since high school. But the new interpretation of the classic work is unusual. You will be surprised by everything - original scenography, bright images, extravagant costumes. The production uses different kinds of puppets, complex three-dimensional decorations with glowing and opening windows and an atmospheric soundtrack. The magic of the action penetrates to the depths of the soul and makes you wonder what the pursuit of easy profits can lead to. Perhaps you can get the answer to this question by watching the play. The topic touched upon in the play is very relevant today.
The play is for children of high school age and adults (14+).
The play lasts 50 minutes and runs without intermission.



Author: A. Salaeva

Aldar Kose is perhaps the most popular and favorite hero of the Kazakh nation. He is known as the defender of the poor. With his intelligence and dexterity, he deceives and punishes the greedy rich, the lazy and the foolish. In our production, Aldar the Tod is associated more with the noble Robin Hood, but his weapon is not a bow and arrow, but intelligence, words and knowledge.
The tales of Aldar Kose are a wonderful example of Kazakh folklore, representing their everyday life, morals, and traditions, which contain the wisdom of the people. The bright, musical and colorful show about the funny adventures of Aldar the Tod will not leave anyone indifferent.

The play for children of preschool and primary school age (5+).
The play lasts 45 minutes, with an intermission.


Author: Based on the Russian fairy tale "Repka".

For the youngest spectators we offer an unusual theatrical performance - an interactive game. The main intrigue is that all the roles in this performance will be performed by children themselves. The game allows children to plunge into the world of fairy tales and get the joy of playing the characters of the tale. With this simple performance, we want to tell our young viewers a very important truth - nothing can be stronger than a family. If everyone pulls together, you can pull a turnip and overcome all the challenges.
Performance for children from 3 years old (3+)
The performance lasts 35 minutes and runs without intermission.


Author: V. Shutyaev

Four merry skomorokhs tell and show us a funny and teaching tale about Emelya the Fool and the magic Luce fish, about the Tsar and his daughter Maria Tsarevna, about miracles and wonderful transformations. Yemelya earned his happiness in this fairy tale by his own work, not with the help of a magic slug. The creators of the play want to make the children realize that only hard work can make dreams come true and make people really happy.

Comedy for children based on Russian folk tales about Emelya the Fool (5+).
The performance lasts 45 minutes, with an intermission.



Author: M. Nepryakhin

"Beware of the Car" is an interactive performance for children. Our performance assumes live communication with the audience, their active participation in the action. Children will see new adventures of Kolobok and his friends - the Wolf, the Fox, and the Hare. The adventures that will happen to Kolobok will be fun, but also very dangerous. From this funny and instructive story, children will learn how important it is to obey traffic rules.